February 24, 2010


the two red plugs are video ins, the white plug is video out, panning
knob between the two in the middle, and the switches are to do hard
cuts of the video signals.

my roommate eileen doyle put the DVS together, we didnt have a case for
it so i pulled apart a VHS and put the hardware inside. ill post video soon.

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February 21, 2010


simple little talkbox like
eric crapton uses, only mine
is made out of cardboard,
a funnel, and some tubing.
(and cost about $3 to make)

ill draw up a diagram to show
the innards and how it works

Text — 6:04am

January 14, 2010


i need to make one of the things in the middle.
its called a DIRTY VIDEO SWITCH. its just three
RCA plugs, two in one out and a potentiometer
(mixing knob) between the two ins. its like five
bucks of hardware. it allows you to switch from
one video signal to the next with a really harsh,
garbled up transition between.

its possible to have say four VCRs and three
switches,so you could go from video A1 to A2 
then B1 to B2, all out of one projector.

essentially, you could make a whole board of
multiple dirty video switches, and mess with
the between states.

so many possibilities…
and thats not even talking
about the audio coming out
of the VCRs… oh my lard.

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September 24, 2009


a box created from three LP album covers made
to hold an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. the TYPE BOX
is used to manipulate a character set by moving
about the picture frame. the images created are
then cut and pasted directly, not changing size
or orientation to produce something like this:

Text — 12:39am


a modification of a copy stand
used to hold and photograph
publications of varying sizes

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